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Easily import and organize your knowledge into Guru with our PDF, Word Doc, and HTML importing tool by following the steps below.

How to use Guru's importer tool

Guru's importer tool converts Word docs, PDFs, and HTML files into a format you can import into Guru.

  1. Open our Guru importer tool here.

  2. Drag and drop files into the noted area. You can drop a single docx/pdf/zip or multiple files all at once.

  3. Once you're done adding docs, click the Download button. This will download a new zip file called guru-doc-import.zip for you to import into Guru.

  4. Follow these steps to import this new .zip file into a Collection.


You can use these steps to import Google Docs as well.

When viewing a Google Doc, you can select File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx). You can also select multiple files or entire folders in Google Drive, right click, and select Download. This will download as a zip file of .docx files that you can drop into the tool.

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