Guru allows you to add users at any point throughout your subscription term, without penalty. Upon adding users, Guru will bill you for the licenses upfront for the term, prorated based on the date of invite acceptance through the end of the term.

How and when is my team billed for new paid users?

You are only charged once a paid user accepts their invitation by activating their account. You are charged on your monthly billing date, which is the day of the month that you renew your Guru subscription.

What are available seats?

Available seats are open seats that you have already paid for during that monthly billing cycle. If a paid user is removed from a Guru team within the current billing cycle, this user seat is available to be filled for the remainder of that billing cycle.

For teams on annual subscriptions, available seats remain through the rest of the billing year.

If you have unused available seats at the end of the billing cycle, these seats will be removed for your next renewal seat count charge.

What happens if users are added and then removed before they activate their account?

If a new paid user account is added but removed before they activate their seat, you will not see charges for that user.

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