At this time it is not possible to restrict Board access within a Collection, however, there are some other options that you can use to structure and permission your knowledge that may be helpful.

Make the Board its own Collection

If you only want a particular Group to have access to a few Boards, without giving access to others, it might make sense to make that Board its own Collection. This allows you to consolidate all that knowledge in one place, then make it accessible to all users who need it.

Use Board Group Permissions & Board Permissions

Board Group Permissions & Board Permissions allow you to share a particular Board Group or Board with another Group without giving them access to the entire Collection. This would be a helpful option if there is a Group (for example, All Members) that should view some content in a Collection, but not all. It will allow you to permission the Collection based on the main content consumers, without completely restricting that wider audience.

Use Restricted Cards

Restricted Cards will allow you to share specific Cards with specific users within a Collection. This is helpful when there is a handful of Cards you want to share with a few individuals.

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