Guru offers in-app options for migrating content from Confluence, Notion, Google Docs, GitHub, Notion, Slab, Word Docs, Google Sites, Guru Collection exports, PDFs, Spreadsheets, and .zip files. If the tool you’re migrating to Guru from isn’t listed as one of the above, we can share some tips!

Import in the Web App

Interested in migrating content from Bloomfire, Jive, Intercom, Tettra, Wordpress, or Document360? If you don't see your source application in the in-app import options list above but are migrating content from a source that has a Markdown or HTML export option, you may be able to complete the migration of information using the following path:

- All Markdown exports not listed can be processed as Slab.
- All HTML exports not listed can be processed as Confluence.


If your team uses Zapier, get creative and create a Zap to trigger new Guru Cards based on a trigger from another app. Here is a template for a Google Doc > Guru zap as inspiration. ⚡️


Leverage our JSON-based RESTful API to import your existing content into Guru. After obtaining your API credentials, check out the Import & Syncs section of Guru's Developer Network:

Sync content

A Guru Knowledge Sync is another way to import content into Guru, although the content will continue to live and be updated in the original source.

🏡 Ask the Guru Community

Want to learn how other Guru teams navigated their content migration? Start a conversation in the Guru Community!

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