Import Help from Guru's Services Team

If the tool you’re moving to Guru from isn’t listed as one of the in-app options for importing content, we can still help!

Listed below are some tools we can help migrate from, and the specific things we’ll need in order to help you:


What we need from you


Author-level credentials or admin API token


API token


API token


Export .zip file


HTML export .zip file


Project Export .zip file

Don’t see the tool you use listed here? If it has an export option or API documentation, we still may be able to help!

Send along the appropriate information and we can work with our engineering team to migrate this content over into Guru with you.

Contact Guru's Support Team by clicking "Chat with Us!" under Team Settings in Guru or by sending an email to

💡 Tip

When importing existing content into Guru, it's important to update the information in advance, so your team can trust the knowledge in Guru right away.

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