With Guru, you can create an onboarding experience where new hires across every team can help themselves to information and even revisit it after the training wheels come off.


Understanding the challenges of onboarding

The new-hire onboarding process includes providing new employees with the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively and as fast as possible. Product information, company benefits, team training, and more are all examples of knowledge new employees need to know.

What are the challenges related to onboarding new hires? Teams struggle to scale their new-hire onboarding process because:

  • Time-intensive training requires a lot of dedicated administrative support.

  • Company knowledge is often distributed in multiple locations, making it difficult to compile for new hires.

  • New hire questions, which happen often, can be disruptive and at times directed to the wrong team members, interrupting their workflow.

How do teams use Guru to solve these challenges?

  • Automate onboarding. When you automate all the day-one onboarding paperwork, your new hires can proceed at their own pace and you can lower your costs for administrative support.

  • Consolidate company knowledge. Eliminate the confusion of the first week by giving new employees a single place to find all the company knowledge they need to do their jobs.

  • Gain visibility into new hire progress. Guru’s team- and user-level data let managers easily learn if and when a new employee needs help or has questions about something specific during their onboarding.

Guru's Approach

The Guru team leans on the flexible structure of our web application, real-time user-level usage data, and transparent access to verified cross-department knowledge to empower new employees during the onboarding process.

How our Customer Success team approaches onboarding

We house all onboarding knowledge for every CS role in one place. From that location, new hires can drill down into the specifics of their particular role. Within the CSM-specific Board, we organize all the knowledge CSMs need to complete onboarding in separate Cards, like CSM - Week 3. We break out role responsibilities, the overall goals of onboarding, tasks, and reading materials for a new hire’s first 12 weeks at Guru.


Learn how Guru uses Guru for Employee Onboarding.

Customer Approach

Noom’s coaching team is rapidly growing. In 2019, they started with 800 coaches. They had 2,000 by the end of the year. With new coaches starting every week around the globe, they stored all of Noom's onboarding, process, and product information in Guru.

This allowed for continuous knowledge sharing and collaboration to decrease time looking for information, quickly ramp up new hires, and enable coaches to speak confidently about health policies to customers.

Read about Noom's use of Guru.

Get started with these Card Templates

  • Employee Handbook. Use this template to record your team’s employee handbook and make that information accessible to any employee.

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