All teams struggle with their own versions of notification "noise" and information overload. If you're looking to reduce repeat questions and improve internal communications with Guru, here's some helpful framing to start out with.

Understanding the challenges of Internal Communication

Internal communication includes the principles, systems, and processes in which an organization keeps employees connected and informed.

What are the challenges related to internal communications? Teams struggling with internal communication challenges are specifically dealing with:

  • Information overload & notification fatigue

  • Lack of distinction between urgency and importance when information is shared

  • Getting the right info in the right format at the right time

How do teams use Guru to solve these challenges? First, work with multiple team stakeholders to define the root of your challenges and priorities around internal communications.

Guru's Approach

We realized our team communications were noisy. We set out to reduce the volume of communication (messages, pings) that were sent to employees, predicting that a decrease in noise would alleviate distraction, increase focus time, and enable teammates to digest information more effectively.

  1. We developed and evangelized communications principles with a cross-functional working group

  2. We pressure-tested our processes for scale

  3. We standardized communications channels for consistency and cadence

  4. We established information routines (hello, announcements)

  5. We agreed upon a decision-making framework for accountability

Note - the below videos refer to the feature "announcements" with their former name "Knowledge Alerts."

Customer Approach

For Brooklinen, an online-based home comfort brand, COVID-19 and the uprising of other events required their team members to speak about their company’s proactive approach very specifically. Our PR team relied on Guru to provide the team with up-to-date statements and approved language for email communication.

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