You must be an Admin to access the SSO/SCIM tab in the Apps and Integrations page and to set up SSO for your team.

Setting up PingOne SSO SAML for Guru

  1. Log into PingOne and click on Applications in the header menu.

  2. Click on Add Application and New SAML Application in the drop down.

  3. Fill in the Application Name, Description and Category. For the Application Icon, a Guru logo can be found here. When finished, click Continue to Next Step.

Setting up PingOne SSO

​​4. On the Application Configuration screen, fill in the Assertion Consumer Service with the URL provided by Guru. Put getguru.com into the Entity ID field. Finally, click Continue to Next Step.

Setting up PingOne SSO Application Configuration

5. In the Attribute Mapping section, fill in the attributes as shown in the screenshot below... SAML_SUBJECT => Email firstName => First Name lastName => Last Name Finally, click on Save & Publish

Setting up PingOne SSO Attribute Mapping

6. On the final screen, click on the Download link next to SAML Metadata and send that file along with the value in the Initiate Single Sign-On URL field to Guru and for final setup on Guru's side. Click Finish.

Setting up PingOne SSO final screen

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