One of Guru's key features is verification. This tells your team what content is up-to-date and safe to use with customers. So that you can understand the general status of your content, Guru provides a trust score that represents the percentage of your content that is verified.

Accessing and understanding your team's Trust Score

Your team's trust scores can be found in two places.

  • Web app: You can view the Trust Score of each Collection in Guru by navigating to that Collection and checking out the Card section at the top of the page. This will break down your trust score, as well as the number of Cards that need to be verified.

  • Analytics: Navigate to Analytics in the web app to view the aggregate Trust Score in the top right corner of the Analytics portal.

Trust Score Analytics

Your team's Trust Score communicates the percentage of content in your account that is up to date. Every team is different, but accounts with the highest usage have trust scores above 85%, meaning only 1/8 of their content is out of date.

Improving your Trust Score

  • You can individually make an impact on your team's Trust Score by running through the list of Cards that you are the Verifier of under the My Tasks > Verification page.

  • If your content is coming up for verification too frequently, change the verification interval to reflect the appropriate frequency with which your Cards' content needs to be updated.

  • Filter in the Card Manager to see unverified content and sort by the most views. Show Verifiers the usage of their content and explain the impact of untrusted content (decreased adoption and increased shoulder tapping), which could encourage them to verify their Cards. Ensuring that popular Cards remain up to date is essential for long-term adoption.

  • Utilize the Card Manager to bulk verify Cards that do not need to be updated individually.

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