Guru has four key roles for users to fit the varying needs of your team: Read Only, Author, Collection Owner, and Admin.

Who can assign user roles on your team?

  • Admins are the only role that can assign roles to users on your team.

  • If you are a Collection Owner, Author, or Read Only user, you'll need to reach out to an Admin on your team to change your role.

What are the different roles in Guru?

Role Title:

Role Purpose:

Read Only

Read Only users use Guru to do their job, but they don't create content.


Authors are subject matter experts and/or managers. Authors are the people on your team who create, edit, and verify content for the team to use.

Collection Owner

Collection Owners play a role in managing their team's content. They have the permissions of Authors, but can also restrict users from seeing specific content within a Collection via Board Group Permissions & Board Permissions.


Admins are your team leads who manage your content, all users and their permissions, the structure of your Guru team, and all billing information.

What can Read Only users do?

  • Search and view all Cards, Boards, and Collections where they have access.

  • Comment on Cards.

What can Authors do?

Authors can do everything a Read Only user can do, plus they can:

✍️ Note

If an Admin demotes a user with Author permissions to Read Only permissions, all Cards that this person verifies will not have a verifier. These Cards will become untrusted over time unless the Admin reassigns Verifier responsibility of these Cards using the Card Manager.

What can Collection Owners do?

Collection Owners can do everything an Author can do, with the additional functions:

✍️ Note
Any Collection downloaded via a framework (and those included at Guru team creation) will automatically assign the user who completed the action as the Collection Owner, though this can be reassigned. In any Collection created from scratch, any Group to be the Collection Owner.

What can Admins do?

✍️ Note

Admins cannot view Collections unless they have Author, Collection Owner, or Read Only to a Collection. However, they can assign themselves any role from the Team Settings page.

Users holding both the Admin and Author role can permanently delete archived content via the Card Manager.

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