Search for the answer from Guru in Slack

1. Using Slack Actions, answer a teammate’s question directly in Slack. In the upper-right-hand corner of a Slack message, click the three ellipses ("⋮") to open a dropdown selector with More actions.

2. If you don't see the Guru-related shortcuts at the bottom of the More actions menu, click More message shortcuts... and search for "Answer with Card". Select Answer with Card to search for the correct response within Guru.

✍️ Note

You are able to use the Answer with a Card option from the ellipses menu to post a Guru Card in a Slack thread.

3. If you don't see the Card you're looking for or you want to modify your initial search, click Edit Search/Filters and type new Search Terms and/or add an optional filter by Collection and Tags. The Guru Slack integration will then produce another list of Card results. This process of refined searching can continue until you find the right Card for your answer.

Guru Card search results as viewed in Slack with the edit search/filters button highlighted

4. From the Search Results page, click View Card to preview the Card in Slack or Answer with Card to post the Card.

❗️ Important

If the Guru Slackbot posts in a Slack channel (i.e., when a new Card is created), you must be an Admin in the Slack workspace in order to delete these messages.

Create or add to an existing Guru Card

If you can't find a relevant Card from your refined searches and want to write a new answer, select Create Card. To add content from a Slack message directly to an existing Card, select Add to existing Card.

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