You must be an Admin to access the SSO/SCIM page in Team Settings and to set up SSO for your team.

Setting up Microsoft Azure SSO for Guru

1. Open the SSO/SCIM page in Guru.​

2. In another tab, sign in to the Azure portal as an Admin.

3. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications.

4. Click + New Application.

5. Click + Create Your Own Application, enter “Guru” as the name of the app, and select Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery (Non-gallery) and then select Create.


Azure may prompt you to choose an existing app named Guru during these steps. That is a different company - after typing "Guru" as the name of the app, choose to create to make a new app.

6. Under the “Manage” section on the left-hand column, select Single sign-on then SAML.

7. For Step #1 under the “Set up Single Sign-On with SAML” header, retrieve the Single Sign On URL and Audience URI from your Guru SSO page.

8. In Azure, edit the configuration by setting Identifier (Entity ID) as the Audience URI from Guru and Reply URL as the Single Sign on URL from Guru. Save and refresh the page to view the changes.

9. For Step #2 on that page, ensure that the configuration replicates the below screenshot - capitalization matters.

Setting up Azure SSO for Guru

Next, ensure the the following mappings from Azure are input into the Guru SSO page:

  1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On Url is Login URL.

  2. Identity Provider Issuer is Azure AD Identifier.

  3. You can get the X.509 Certificate from the Certificate (Base64) opened as a text file.

  4. Once this is entered, you can change SSO to Enabled on this page.

  5. Once you’ve finished configuring the Guru App, you will be prompted to test the connection in Azure. You're all set!

Read more about setting up Push Groups or SCIM through Azure here.

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