Announcements (formerly known as Knowledge Alerts) allow users to notify their team of new or existing knowledge they need to read and certify that they've done so. Announcement senders can see analytics on who has confirmed reading the Card and who has not.


Announcements are only available for teams on the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise editions of Guru.


You can only send announcements on Cards that you have Author access to.

Creating an announcement

You can assign an announcement in two ways: directly on the Card itself or via the My Tasks menu.

Assigning an announcement from a Card

1. Open the Card you would like to assign an announcement in either the web app or browser extension.

2. Click the three ellipses "..." along the left-hand side of the Card and select "Send an announcement".

3. You will then be prompted to choose the Groups and/or individuals that you want to assign the Card to. If you would like, you can also add a note alongside the Alert (this is optional).

4. Click Send announcement.

5. Recipients will receive a notification (via email or Slack if opted into) and will receive an alert within Guru's web app and extension to read this Card. Additionally, if the announcement was sent to all members, users will see that Card immediately upon logging in on their Dashboard.

Assigning an announcement from My Tasks

1. From the left-hand navigation panel, select My Tasks and then Announcements.

2. You can send an announcement by clicking on Send announcement in the top right corner of the page.

💡 Tip

You can send an announcement from a Private Card to those users who have access to view the Card.

Who can receive announcements

The following Groups and individuals can receive announcements:

  • Groups who have access to view the Collection in which the Card lives.

  • Individual users who are part of a Group that has Collection level access.

  • Individual users who are part of the "All Members" Group (if the "All Members" Group has access to the Collection).

✍️ Note

If the "All Members" Group has access to a Collection, any Group in your instance can be a recipient of the announcements (rather than sending to All Members).

Viewing historically sent announcements

1. From the left-hand navigation panel, select My Tasks and then Announcements.

2. The Sent page should default to show all announcements that you have assigned to specific Groups or individual user(s).

You can view all announcements sent by Authors by clicking on the dropdown menu on your Sent page and switching the view to All Sent.


When looking at the All Sent page you will only see announcements for Collections to which you have Author access on.

Reminding Users of announcements

If the individual user or members of the Group(s) you sent an announcement haven't viewed it yet, you can Send a Reminder. To do so, hover over the far right-hand side of the announcement until the "bell" icon appears, and select Send a Reminder.

✍️ Note

Sending this reminder will only remind those users who haven’t read the announcement yet.

Sending multiple announcements for the same Card

When multiple announcements are sent for the same Card, the sender will see every single request they've sent logged in the Announcements - Sent list. The user will see these announcements grouped together as one listing and will only need to certify it read once.

Deleting an announcement

If you want to remove an announcement that you have delegated, hover over the far right-hand side of the announcement until the trash can icon appears, and select Delete announcement.

Remove an announcement from the dashboard

  1. Delete the announcement: Ask the original sender of an announcement to delete the announcement by hovering over the far right-hand side of the announcement until the trash can icon, and selecting Delete announcement.

  2. Archive the Card: If the original sender is no longer with your company, you can Archive the Card (it will still be accessible in the Card Manager under "Archived", but not via search).

Exporting announcement data

You can export your data on a specific announcement to see which users have read or have not read the Card. To do this, navigate to the Announcements - Sent list and click Send spreadsheet via email arrow button under the % read column.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see a Group I want to send an announcement to in the dropdown. What do I do?

When assigning a Group to an announcement, the only Groups that will show up as options on a Card are Groups that have access to that Card's Collection.

So, if you're not seeing a specific Group as an option in the list, make sure that Group has access to that Collection. Alternatively, you can give the All Members Group access to the Collection.

I don’t see an individual user I want to send announcements in the dropdown. What do I do?

When assigning specific users to announcements, the only users that will show up as an option on a card are those who belong to Groups that have access to that Card’s Collection.

The solution would be to assign the Group the user belongs to access, alternatively you can give the All Members Group access to the Collection.

Do new team members see existing or historical announcements?

No. At the time the announcement is generated, Guru determines all of the users that will receive it. Adding users to the Group after the fact won't add them to the announcement recipient Group retroactively.

However, an Author of a Collection will be able to view all announcements sent by navigating to the All Sent page of their Announcements > Sent inbox.

How will users be notified of announcements that they're meant to read?

Users will see up to their 3 most recently received announcements highlighted on their Guru dashboard when they log in. The announcement will include a banner indicating an announcement is new until the user verifies they've read it.

Users who receive email notifications from Guru will get emails notifying them of announcements to read. Those who receive Guru notifications via Slack will get a Slack DM letting them know an announcement has been assigned to them.

How do I control what is the featured image for my announcement to appear on the dashboard?

Add an image larger than 140 x 210px to your Card to have it featured when the Card is sent as a company-wide announcement. The first image in the Card will be the featured image.

If you want to change the featured image, you can edit the Card itself and remove or swap out the image (or add another image further up in the card), and the dashboard image will be updated.

I sent an announcement and never received an alert. What happened?

When you send an announcement, you will not receive an alert, even if you are a member of the Group you sent it to. This is to prevent skewing any data of the % of users who read the Card.

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