Uploading external content onto Guru Cards allows your team to quickly find and share files like slide decks, case studies, one-pagers, and other formatted pieces that are often shared outside of Guru.

  1. Select the file icon next to Insert from the editor toolbar at the top of the Card or use the slash command.

    1. For MP4s, select the file upload icon, not the video icon.

  2. Upload a file that is downloaded to your computer or device.

  3. Use the remaining space on the Card to provide your team with context on the file, as well as instructions on when and how it should be used.

  4. Save the Card and determine the file access:

  • Checking the box next to "Allow images and files uploaded to this Card to be shared outside of your Guru team" allows your team to share the uploaded files with people outside of your Guru team. This can be useful for sharing company assets for prospects and clients.

  • When this box is checked, your customers won't be able to access the Card’s content without an authenticated team login, but they will be able to access any files uploaded to the Card (i.e. PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)

Guru Card File Access

💡 Tip

A globe icon will appear on the Card in the upper right-hand corner, to indicate that File Access is turned on.


We recommend using the image/file upload tool as the most reliable way to insert images and files as this ensures Guru will host that content. This will help Cards (with files) rank higher in search and prevent any errors with accessing that content in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about uploading files and images

What file types do you support?

We support almost all file types; the most popular are images, GIFs, PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, and docs. If you're having trouble with a specific file type, please reach out to our support team!

What's the maximum file size you allow?

The largest file that you can upload into a Guru Card is 5 GB.

How do I resize an image?

Select the image and resize it by clicking and dragging the grey bar on the right-hand side of the image.

What's the best use of including files in Guru Cards?

Check out when to include files in Guru Cards for best practices for uploading a file into a Guru Card, and this article for when to embed Google Drive assets in Guru Cards.

What does this error message "Can't associate attachments and cards from different teams" mean?

You will receive that error message if you paste a file or image into a Guru Card that currently is housed in a different Guru instance. To avoid this, be sure to upload files and images directly from your computer rather than copy and pasting them.

Why isn't my GIF playing when I copy and paste it into a Guru Card?

When copying and pasting a GIF from one source to Guru, the GIF will be pasted as an image, which is why it doesn’t animate. This is the behavior of pasting GIF across the board, regardless of the end location. To ensure that your GIF functions as expected, we recommend first saving it to your computer and then uploading it using the image upload tool.

What's the difference between clicking a file's hyperlink and clicking "Download File"?

Hovering your cursor over a file uploaded to a Guru Card will display a menu containing:

  • A hyperlink to a preview of the file in the web browser

  • The "Download File" icon

  • The "Copy Link to File" icon

  • The "Track Link" icon (where enabled)

Clicking the hyperlink to preview a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or Microsoft Word (.docx) file will display a PDF version of the file in a new web browser tab. Please note this file preview may not display with the same formatting as the original file. You can click the "Download Original" button at the bottom right of your web browser when viewing a PDF preview to obtain the file in its original format. To skip viewing a preview of the file in your web browser, click the "Download File" icon.

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