In Guru, you're not able to change your email directly in the web app. However, an Admin on your Guru team can complete the following steps to invite the new email address and remove the old email address.

Top Tips When Changing Your Email

Because two Guru accounts cannot be merged, you may want to consider doing the following before completely deleting your old account:

  1. Share any Card drafts as restricted Cards with your new account

  2. Take note of any favorited Cards so they are not lost

  3. Add your new account to any Groups that your old account was a member of

Additionally, while your new account will not have histories of your old account's sent and received announcements, asked and answered questions, or any comments you have made or were mentioned in, these announcements, questions, and mentions still exist within Guru.

This information can be gathered from other members of your team who are were privy to the questions, announcements, and any comments made by or mentioning your old account will still be visible within Guru.

Changing a User's Email Address in Guru

You must be an Admin in order to complete these steps.

  1. Invite the new email address to your team.

  2. Remove the old email address which will prompt you to reassign Verification responsibilities to this new email address.

  3. You're done! Now, this user can sign into Guru using their new email address following the instructions detailed in their invitation email.


After adding the new email address, you must remove the old email address to avoid being billed for two unique users.

Changing a Team's Domain Name in Guru

If your team has undergone a domain name change and your team has more than 50 users, our Technical Support team can assist you with this migration. Please send us a chat using the widget located at the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

  1. A list of the new e-mail addresses and/or new domain and pattern of your user names

  2. A specific time frame you would like to have the conversion go into effect.

If your team is under 50 users, please follow the instructions above to manually edit your user's email addresses to match your new team domain name.

Changing a Team's Domain Name with SCIM enabled

If your team has undergone a domain name change and has SCIM enabled for Guru, you can modify all user email addresses in the identity provider.

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