In Guru, you're not able to change your email directly in the Web App. However, an Admin on your Guru team can complete the following steps to invite the new email address and remove the old email:

Changing a User's Email Address in Guru

You must be an Admin in order to complete these steps:

  1. Invite the new email address to your team

  2. Remove the old email address which will prompt you to reassign Verification responsibilities to this new email address.

  3. You're done! Now, this user can sign into Guru using their new email address following the instructions detailed in their invitation email.


You must remove the old email address before inviting the new one to avoid being billed for two users.

Changing a Team's Domain Name in Guru

If your team has undergone a domain name change and your team has more than 50 users, our support team can assist you with this migration. Please reach out to support at with the following information:

  1. A list of the new e-mail addresses and/or new domain and pattern of your user names

  2. A specific time frame you would like to have the conversion go into effect.

If your team is under 50 users, please follow the instructions above to manually edit your user's email addresses to match your new team domain name.

☎️ Contact our Support Team

Still having trouble updating your domain? Contact us by clicking "Chat with Us!" under your Avatar in Guru or by sending an email to

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