Manage Notifications in @guru App Home tab

  1. Navigate to the Home tab in your @guru App.

  2. Scroll to the bottom section titled "Notifications." Click Manage Notifications. Here you will be able to enabled or disable notifications, as well as update your notification frequency settings.

Manage Notifications in @guru App Direct Message

To Enable Notifications

  1. Type help in your direct message with the @guru App.

  2. Under the "Enable Notifications in Slack" section, select Enable.

  3. You can also simply type enable notifications in a direct message.

To Disable Notifications

  1. To disable Slack notifications and revert back to email notifications, type help in your direct message with the @guru App and select disable notifications.

To Manage Notification Frequency

  1. Type edit notifications in a DM with your @guru App.

  2. Select how often you would like to receive notifications (your options include Daily, Weekly, Weekdays only, three times a week, or twice a week).

  3. Select the time of day that you would like to receive notifications.

  4. Click Save to update your notification schedule.

💡 Tip

With Slack notifications enabled, you will now be able to verify Cards, answer questions, and reply to comments in Guru right from within Slack.

Verification notifications go out on Slack every morning at 7:45am EST unless you've adjusted your frequency settings.

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