Our Markdown tool allows you to build out and customize content beyond what our Card Editor allows. Markdown is a lightweight text editing language that allows you to add unique formatting elements to plaintext documents. Using this tool allows you to edit content outside of our Card Editor's capability.

Using Markdown in Guru

  • A Guru Card allows you to insert a Markdown block into a Card. In this Markdown block, you can use Markdown shortcuts to create and customize text or formatting within a Card:

Adding Markdown to a Card

What can you do with Markdown?

  • Customize headings

  • Create block quotes

  • Create lists (ordered lists, unordered lists, numbered lists)

  • Insert and link images and videos

  • Create a Table of Contents using anchored texts

  • Create collapsible sections

  • Export Cards in Markdown format using the content column of the CSV export (displays all the card content in HTML)

  • and much more!

💡 Tip

When inserting a "mailto:" link into Guru using the link icon, it will automatically add "http:/". You can insert the link in Markdown to prevent the "http:/" prefix. Here's a helpful resource that shares more about this!

Want to learn more? Here is a helpful resource where you can try out Markdown code and see how the final text looks!

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