Boards allow you organize your team's Cards by topic. Below, find out how to add a Card to a Board or section.


You must be an Author or a Collection Owner to add a Card to a Board or Section.

Adding a Card to a Board

In Guru's web app:

1. Hover over the Board's name you would like to add Cards to. Click on the Add a Card or Section button to add new or existing Cards or Sections to that Board:

2. By clicking on the three ellipsis on an existing Card, you can add a new Card above or below the Card.

Edit an individual Card's Boards

Click the three ellipsis at the bottom of the lefthand column of the Card to see "More options". Here you will be able to select "Edit Boards" and add your Card to existing Boards, or create a new Board for the Card to live in.

Add or Remove Cards from a Board in bulk

Select the Cards you would like add to the Boards by using the Card Manager. Only Cards in one Collection can be added to a Board; Guru indicates and disables actions when you've chosen Cards from multiple Collections. Once the Cards are selected, click on the Board icon.

Next, choose the Board that you would like to bulk add the selected Cards. Finally, click Save change to complete the bulk addition of Cards. Click Remove from Board(s) to remove the Cards from the Board.

Bulk add Cards to Boards

How to Add a Card to a Section

Click Add a Card or Section above the list of existing Cards on the Boards and Select Create New Section.

  • Once a Section is created, drag Cards already on the Board into the Section

  • If the Card does not yet exist, you can click Create New Card

  • The Cards will not be added to the Section until the blue position indicator line appears

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