Card Manager helps you drill down into your Cards based on various attributes so you can understand what is going on throughout your team's knowledge base. With this analysis, you can improve Card content, encourage verification, and gain greater insight into your team's needs and usage.


You must be an Author or Collection Owner to view the Card Manager. Contact your team's Admin to update your permissions.

Example Card Manager insights

  • Filtering by Collection and then sorting the list of Cards by Viewed highest to lowest also allows you to understand what content is the most popular so that you can ensure that it is getting requisite attention. For example, FAQs that are very popular could be published on the website and frequently used assets could be further built out to ensure that your most popular content is being utilized as the team needs it.

  • Filtering for Cards Last Viewed or Last Copied more than 90 days Copied shows Card content that is not being utilized; the verifiers can work to inform the team on the importance of an asset or archive it so time isn't spent keeping it up to date.

  • Review all unverified Cards using the Saved Filter "Untrusted". With this insight, you can encourage verifiers to answer questions and verify their Cards. Additionally, Card Manager also displays and sorts by the number of views on a Card so you can focus efforts on the team's most popular Cards.

  • The Saved Filter "Top Performers" showcases which Cards are used most frequently by your team. Top Performers are calculated by adding together the Card's favorite count, view count, and copy count.

  • Review all of the untrusted Cards (regardless of whether or not they are assigned to you) through Card Manager's Questions tab. With this insight, you can encourage subject matter experts to comment on or create new Card content to answer questions.

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