AI Suggest Text makes relevant Card suggestions to you as you work. AI Suggest Text improves over time as it understands your team's usage patterns, making every piece of knowledge served across Guru’s network more relevant and useful every day.


Only Admins on your Expert (or higher) edition team can enable AI Suggest Text.

How AI Suggest Text works

When AI Suggest is enabled for your team, you’ll see the Guru suggestion button appear right in the UI of your selected ticketing applications. Clicking on the Guru button will open the extension. The number present in the button is the number of Cards Guru is suggesting to help you solve the customer conversation at hand.

✍️ Note

You and your team must download the Guru extension in order for the Guru button and suggestions to appear.

How your team can improve suggestions

If Guru’s AI suggestions are not helpful, your team’s search and engagement with relevant Cards (i.e. Card copies) will help Guru learn to surface the right content in the future and improve results over time.

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