Summer 2019 Release Note

What's new in Guru?

Guru’s summer launch product updates will help you scale, manage, and optimize your internal and external knowledge.

New and Improved Features

  • Downloading Cards as PDFs

    • Easily turn Cards and Boards into PDFs to share content with users outside of your Guru team

  • Analytics Updates

    • Overall improvements to our Analytics dashboard for better reporting and analysis of your team's Guru usage

    • Content Performance Analytics improvements to help connect Guru content to open opportunities and accounts in Salesforce

  • Board Permissions

    • Share Boards across Collections in a simple and scalable way to ensure users only have access to exactly the knowledge they need to do their job - nothing more.

  • Duplicate Detection

    • Duplicate Detection flags duplicative content in your Guru Collections to help continually maintain and grow your knowledge base

  • Knowledge Clipper

    • Using Knowledge Clipper, Users can easily create knowledge from any page and search Guru in just two clicks.

    • This feature is replacing the old Content Clipper

  • AI Suggest Tag

    • AI Suggest Tag takes the guesswork out of tagging Cards and encourages a predictive and uniform tagging structure

Enhancements to Existing Features

  • Knowledge Sync for Dropbox

  • AI Suggest Text (Team and Enterprise Editions Only)