Utilizing Groups

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Collection Owners, Admins

Groups are an essential Guru feature, as user permissions and Collection access are granted at the Group level.


Starter Plans have a default "All Members" and "Experts" Group, but cannot create new Groups. Reach out to support@getguru.com for information on changing your plan to the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise edition.

How to Utilize Groups

  • Groups should represent the division of your team as well as the expertise of users in the Group.

  • For example, the Support Team should have a Customer Support Group and a Customer Support Experts Group. Separating the experts reflects their role, and allows your team to easily @mention them or address a question to that Group.

  • NOTE: The same member can be in two Groups. 🌟


  • Within Collections, you can grant permission to a Group on a Collection by Collection basis. 🔑

  • For example, in the Sales Collection: 📈

    • Sales Experts should have Collection Owner access

    • The Sales Group should have Author access, so they can edit and verify content

    • The Marketing Group should have Read Only access, so they can view content


  • Groups can be verifiers on Cards. This allows multiple users to share the responsibility of verification. It also allows someone in the Group to make edits without the Card needing to be verified again by an individual.

screen shot 1.png

  • @mentioning a Group in the comments of a Card sends a notification (Slack or email) to that Group and it pops up in their 'My Tasks' queue. This is a great way to clarify something if a Card is unclear or out of date as well as alert the team of new or changed knowledge.

screen shot 2.png

  • You should select the Group that users belong to when inviting them to Guru; this helps Guru easily scale with you and your team, and ensures your teammate will be able to perform their needed functions when they join Guru! As more of your company stakeholders start using Guru you just need to add them to the Group to which they belong or create a new Group.

  • If you would like to change the Role of an entire Group of users, you can easily do that by clicking the down arrow on the near the Group name and choosing the new Role.

Still need help? We're here for you! 🤓

If you have any questions about Guru, please contact Guru Support by clicking "Chat with Us!" under 'Team Settings' in Guru or by sending an email to support@getguru.com 🧠