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This article pertains to Guru teams created before January 18th, 2023.

We are investing heavily in the authoring experience in Guru to make knowledge creation as simple and intuitive as possible. A strong foundation for Guru’s Card editor will lead to improved performance (i.e. fewer bugs) and make it easier and faster for us to develop new features. Here’s what Guru users can expect to see and experience while creating and editing Guru Cards once the new editor has been enabled for your team.

✍️ Note

Once enabled, this version of Guru’s Card editor cannot be disabled for a team due to the conversion that takes place for existing content.

What’s staying the same

  • Card publishing.

    • Card drafts.

    • Card sharing permissions.

    • Card verification.

    • Card comments.

  • Card formatting options.

    • The ability to select formatting options by typing / at the start of a new paragraph.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Card editing and sharing.

What’s new

  • Support for mixed lists with bullets and numbers together. (Community feedback)

  • Support for mailto: links. (Community feedback)

  • Support for Grammarly’s extension (after all Guru teams have converted to the new Card editor). (Community feedback)

  • Pasting a URL to a video automatically embeds the video into the Card.

  • Better support for tables.

    • Improved performance with large tables.

    • Easier to resize columns.

    • Support for blocks (like images or bulleted lists) inside table cells (Community feedback).

  • Better support for linked Guru Cards.

    • We removed some funky behavior that was hiding text when the user didn’t have access to a linked Guru Card. Now users will see the content in the Card as it was written and only notice that they don’t have access to the linked Card when they attempt to open it. No more unnecessary errors and missing text on the page.

  • Better support for IME input.

    • While typing, the cursor moves to the correct position.

  • Several bug fixes, including updates to reduce visual issues when viewing Guru Cards through the extension on top of other applications.

  • Improved copy-and-paste functionality.

What’s different

  • More consistent spacing of Card content, with fewer large gaps between different types of formatted text.

  • No more empty placeholders when inserting content into a Card.

    • This will reduce the amount of placeholder content that accidentally gets published and provide a cleaner experience should you decide not to finish inserting an element in the middle of the content creation flow. (Community feedback)

  • Introducing the Block menu.

    • The left floating menu has been removed in favor of a dedicated menu accessed while working within the content block (Image, Link, File, and Paragraph elements).

  • The Video, Table, Divider, Iframe, and Markdown elements now display a menu in their upper right-hand corner.

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