Following a Card gives Guru users a way to curate the content they want to track, and allow them to keep up with changing information that impacts them.

πŸ’‘ Tip
Following a Card is a great way to prevent shoulder tapping! Encourage colleagues to follow Cards that often change (ie. a Product Roadmap, Project Brief, etc.) so they can stay up to date on important information.

How to follow a Card

1. Navigate to a Card that you'd like to be notified of updates/edits to.

2. In the top right corner of the Card, click on the Follow button. It will then read Following to denote this change.

When will you be notified of Card changes

Followers will be notified of changes when the editor of the Cards chooses to update followers.

This is intended so notifications will only be sent when there is a notable change to the Card's content - not for inconsequential or grammatical changes.

✍️ Note

Card editors will not receive notifications of changes they make to a Card they follow, even if they choose to alert followers.

How you'll be notified of changes to the Card

Users will get notified based on preferred notification settings.

How to unfollow a Card

1. Navigate to a Card that you'd no longer like to be notified of updates/edits.

2. In the top right corner of the Card, click on the Following button. It will then read Follow to denote this change.

πŸ’‘ Tip
You can also unfollow a Card directly from a notification sent from that Card if you've receive notifications through Slack.

How to publish a Card and alert followers

Before publishing changes to a Card, check to make sure that the Notify # Card Followers check box is selected.

  • Clicking on # Card Followers will show you who is currently following the Card.

  • If there is no check box, that means that there are no Card followers.

✍️ Note
This box defaults to being checked, so unselect the box if you made a small change and don't want to alert followers.

How to view Card Followers

Option #1 - When Publishing

1. When you go to publish the Card, you can see who you will be alerting by clicking on Notify Card Followers.

Option #2 - From Details Tab

1. Navigate to the Details tab of the Card.

2. Click the text that displays the # Followers section to access a pop up that displays the list of followers.

Frequently Asked questions about following Cards

Can I follow a Card that is synced?

No, at this time is is not possible to follow a synced Card, since those Cards are not edited within Guru but rather the original source of the content.

Where can I see all the Cards I follow?

At this time the only way to see which Cards you follow is by navigating to that Card itself.

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