The Recommended For You section of Guru's dashboard personalizes Guru for every user across your organization. Recommended For You is powered by an advanced Machine Learning (ML) model that enables Guru to surface useful Cards based on your user activity, and the activity of teammates like you, in Guru.

Personalized Card recommendations help you find the knowledge you might not know exists, information that has been updated recently, or information you've recently accessed.

How does Guru determine what Cards to recommend?

The activity that Guru uses to build your recommendations is based on Card interactions, such as viewing Cards, favoriting Cards, commenting on Cards, etc., performed by you and by teammates like you. Guru determines “teammates like you” based on users who take similar actions on similar content.

The goal of Recommended For You is to help you keep up with useful knowledge. The kinds of Card recommendations Guru will try to surface are the things like:

  • Cards you have recently accessed or interacted with.

  • Cards you have permission to view but haven't viewed before.

  • Cards that have been recently updated or have changed significantly since you last viewed them.

Guru filters out the following types of Cards from recommendations:

  • Cards that you authored.

  • Cards last edited by you.

  • Cards that show in the "Featured Cards" area of the dashboard.

  • Cards that would show in the top announcements section (i.e. unread announcements).

Frequently Asked Questions about personalized Card recommendations

How many Cards can I expect to see recommended?

Users will see up to 7 Cards displayed initially, with an option to "Show More" to see an additional 8 Cards.

Why don't I see any recommended Cards?

If your Guru team is new and doesn't have any content, or, there hasn't been enough activity with Cards in your Guru team, you won't see recommendations. The Cards which appear in the Recommended For You section will get better over time as knowledge is added and team activity builds. Click the link to explore the Collections page and start browsing! 🚀

How often are recommendations in the "Recommended for You" section updated?

Recommendations are updated once a day.

Does recommended Cards take Collection, Board Group, or Board permissions into account?

Yes. If you don't have permission to see a Card, it will not be recommended.

Do unverified Cards show as recommended?

Yes, both verified and unverified Cards may be shown.

Do public Cards show as recommended?

They can, but Guru excludes public views when considering Cards to recommend so as to keep the Card's "value" related to the usage of the Card within the team.

What does the "Updated" label on the Card preview mean?

The "Updated" label will show if you have not looked at the Card since it was last updated. The label will not show on Cards you have never looked at. This label does not currently show anywhere else in Guru.

What information is shown in the preview of the recommended Card?

The image, name, and timestamp reflect when and who last modified the Card.

How do I dismiss a recommended Card?

Click the "x" icon when hovering over the top right corner of the Card to Dismiss Card. The dismissed Card will stay out of recommendations for 90 days. Remember, the Cards which appear in the Recommended For You section will get better over time as knowledge is added and team activity builds.

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