With Guru’s embed feature, your team can augment their workflows by adding Guru content into Coda while keeping your knowledge updated in one single location.

❗️ Important

  • You must be an Author or Collection Owner to copy a Card's embed code.

Embedding a Guru Card in a Coda document

1. Navigate to the Card you’d like to embed, either from the Guru extension or in the Guru web app.

2. Click the Share button in the top right corner of the Card.

3. Select Copy embed code. The code will be copied directly to your clipboard.

4. Paste this embed code into your Coda document, but this will require some revisions.

5. Here, you'll copy only the URL referenced inside of the Card's full Embed Code. This URL to copy begins "https://embed.getguru.com/card/...". The Card's direct link, the URL beginning "https://app.getguru.com/..." will not work for the Card embed.

6. In the Coda doc, type = and a menu of options will pop open. There, type the following, pasting the copied Guru Card embed URL between the quotes, as indicated below:

embed("paste your GURU Card embed URL here", force:true)

7. You'll see a message Load content from embed.getguru.com? and must click Allow in order to see the Guru Card appear in the Coda doc.

8. Ta-da! You should now see your embedded Guru Card load within the Coda document.

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