This command can only be used by Guru Admins.

Type help admin in your direct message with the Guru app in Slack (@guru) to learn about Admin commands in Guru.

What can you do in the Guru Admin Slackbot menu?

Manage Guru Activity Feeds in Slack

✍️ Note

All users with access to a Collection (as a Read Only user, Author, or Collection Owner) have the ability to create an Activity Feed for that Collection. They can also do this through the Home tab of the Guru app in Slack.

While Activity Feed commands are accessible by everyone, this method can serve as an alternative option for Admins specifically.

Activity Feeds in Slack display new Cards and Boards added to Guru in a channel of your choosing.

  • list feeds allows you to view all feeds currently set up in Slack.

  • create general feed #channel creates an Activity Feed that will send all new Cards and Boards from a Collection to a selected channel.

  • create board feed #channel https://app.getguru.com/boards/xxxx/title sets up an Activity Feed that will send notifications to a channel when a Card is added to a specified board.

Invite users to your team
Using the key command invite user @user, you can invite other Slack users to your Guru team who have not yet been invited.

Link users
In some cases, a user will have a Guru email that differs from their Slack email. Use the command link user @slackUserName GuruEmailAddress (ex. link user @patrick patrick@getguru.com) to manually link the two accounts.

Show team configuration
Using the command show team config, you can pull up a list of all the Guru users on your team and what Slack users they are linked to.

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