Yes! Below are a list of all of the code languages you can insert into Code Blocks in Guru Cards:

ABAP, ActionScript, Ada, Apache Configuration, APL, AppleScript, AsciiDoc, ASP.NET (C#), Autolt, AutoHotKey, Bash, BASIC, Batch, Bro, C, C#, C++, C-like, CoffeeScript, CSS, Dart, Diff, Docker, Elixir, Erland, Gherkin, Git, Go, GraphQL, Groovy, Haml, HAndlebars, Haskell, HTTP, Inform 7, Ini, J, Java, JavaSCript, JSON, Julia, Kotlin, LaTeX, Less, LOLCODE, Lua, Makefile, Markdown, Markup, MATLAB, nginx, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Plain Text, PowerShell, .properties, Protocol Buffers, Puppet, Python, Q, R, React JSX Ruby, Rust, Sass, SCSS, Scala, Scheme, SQL, Swift, Textile, Twig, TypeScript, vim, Visual Basic, Wiki Markup, and YAML

To insert a Code Block:

  1. Navigate to the Card you'd like to enter the code into.

  2. Select the Code Block option from the dropdown menu.

  3. Start typing or paste the code directly!

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