To embed an RSS Feed on a Guru Card, paste the code for an iframed version of the RSS Feed onto the Card.

Embed an iFramed RSS Feed using RSS 2 HTML

  1. In the URL of RSS feed: box, paste the URL of the RSS feed you'd like to iframe in your Guru Card.

  2. Review the options below to customize how your feed will be displayed.

  3. Under More Options and How should the feed be embedded in your webpage:, select the <iframe> option.

  4. Click Submit & Get Code.

  5. Copy the <iframe> code that appears in the box below.

  6. Paste the <iframe> code into your draft Guru Card.

  7. Guru's Card editor will recognize the iframe code and automatically generate and insert an iframe displaying the RSS feed.

  8. Use the slider bar at the bottom of the iframe block to adjust its height within the Guru Card.

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