Guru understands knowledge can exist in many different forms. Collection owners and Authors can upload, embed, and link out to externally hosted files in Guru Cards, which helps users access all of the information they need to do their best work. You can generally embed any content that has an embed code into a Guru Card by copying the embed code and pasting it into the body of the Card while in edit mode.

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If you are unsure whether or not to embed content into a Guru Card, check out these relevant articles for guidance:

Below is a list of specific articles with instructions on how to embed content from popular sources. This list is not exhaustive.


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To embed a file already uploaded to a Guru Card for display within the Card (such as PDF files, video files, and documents) right-click on the linked text and select Copy Link Address. Insert an Iframe block and paste the hyperlink. Click Save to preview and resize the embed before publishing.

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If you have permission to access a file at its source and are still having trouble viewing it as an embed in a Guru Card, you can reach out to Technical Support for guidance using the chat widget at the bottom right corner of this page. For the most efficient troubleshooting, please include any relevant screenshots, error messages, a link to the Card containing the file embed, and a link to the source of the file embed.

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