Scribe makes capturing and sharing how-to's effortless. Simply by watching you work, Scribe automatically generates ready-to-share step-by-step guides complete with text and screenshots. Each guide can be customized or shared immediately with a single click.

For viewers, Scribe guides offer a clear and consistent way to learn a new process (or reference an old one!). Adding Scribe guides to Guru gives new hires, customers, and teams access to process knowledge when and where they need it.

Scribe Admins can add Scribes to Guru Cards in seconds by copy/pasting HTML or with Scribe’s Smart Embed feature. With Smart Embed, guides are presented in an engaging, easy-to-navigate iframe within a Guru Card, and updates and changes to the text, images, or processes are automatically reflected.

Obtaining the Scribe embed link

1. Navigate to the Scribe you’d like to embed into a Guru Card.

2. Click Share.

3. You will see a few options for sharing:

  • Share with a link: Send directly to a teammate, customer, friend, anyone!

  • Smart Embed: Add Scribes as iframes within other applications, like Guru.

  • Export: Export your guide as a PDF or copy HTML or markdown to paste into another application. Unlike other formats, exported guides are not automatically updated.

4. Select Smart Embed.

5. Click Options > to set the size and format for your embedded Scribe including:

  • Set as Scrolling Steps: Change the format for viewers from the default (step-by-step navigation) to scrolling through a guide.

  • Skip introduction: Remove the title page.

6. Click Copy Embed Snippet.

Embedding the Scribe into the Guru Card

1. Navigate to Guru and select the Card where you'd like to embed a Scribe, or, create a new Card.

2. Click in the body of the Card where you would like the embedded Scribe to appear. Paste the embed code from Step 6, above. Use the slider at the bottom of the resulting Iframe block to resize its height.

Manage an embedded Scribe

Within the Card editor, hover over the embed to view the Iframe settings at the top right corner of the block.


Click the Edit pencil icon to edit the Iframe URL.


Click the Toggle full width / Toggle content width arrow icon to expand or contract the width of the frame.


Click the Delete trash can icon to delete the Iframe block from the Card.


For additional questions about integrating your Scribe account with Guru, please reach out to Scribe at

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