If your entire company already uses Guru in a robust way, then you've already reached the pinnacle of best-in-class knowledge management! Every department creates both team-specific knowledge that their team needs access to and general knowledge that the entire company would benefit from accessing. If every department is creating robust knowledge that fits both categories, that leaves no room for Light users to add value.


We like to think that our team at Guru embodies best-in-class usage of our own product, and as a company-wide use case of Guru, we give each of our employees a Core user seat. We believe that everyone should be able to access and contribute to our company knowledge base.

Light users is meant to be a stepping stone to company-wide Guru usage – a freemium plan for users, if you will – to help companies get their entire employee base into the product and experiencing value.

If your entire employee base is already in the product and experiencing value, downgrading any user to a Light users is a bit of a step backwards. For that reason, we don't recommend implementing Light users if your entire company already uses Guru. Existing users would have a sub-par experience losing access to segmented knowledge (not to mention clogged search results), and your ability to parse content and share Knowledge Alerts with pinpoint accuracy would disappear. Dynamic groups and permissions are critical to best-in-class knowledge management to ensure that every employee has access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and that they are spared from seeing knowledge they don't need.

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