Since Light users can only belong to the All Members group in Guru, they are only able to see knowledge that is meant for general consumption. To best implement Light users for your company, you need to consider two key things:

  • Which knowledge is meant for general consumption?

  • Which users only need access to general knowledge, and no department-specific knowledge?

The answer to those questions will help you determine who in your organization should be Light users and which knowledge you should share with them. Of course, these answers will vary based on your particular Guru use case, but we have some examples below to help you get the gears turning:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t any user who only needs occasional access to Guru be a Light user?

Light users can’t be based on frequency of access to knowledge alone. If “any user” is an engineer who only needs to access general knowledge in the HR Collection occasionally, then sure, they could be a good Light user. But if “any user” is an engineer who only needs to access the engineering Collection occasionally, that means you’d have to share the engineering Collection with all members in Guru in order for that engineer to have access as a Light user. “Any user” who needs access to department-specific knowledge is best-served as a Core user.

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