This article covers how Guru displays search results to users. If you are interested in learning how to search in Guru, see searching content in Guru.

Displaying relevant results to users

Once a set of relevant Cards that the searcher has access to has been determined, the Cards are ranked in order of relevance to the search terms and displayed to the searcher. For each Card on the result list, a content snippet of up to 200 characters is displayed.

These snippets are either the part of the Card that was determined to be most relevant, or, if no section of the Card was particularly relevant, the first part of the Card is shown. If words in the title or snippet of the Card match the search terms, they will be highlighted in light purple. Neither matches in tags nor variations of the search terms will be highlighted.

✍️ Note

The maximum number of search results displayed is 50 results. There is no way for users to exactly determine the order in which Cards appear in their search results.

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