If a team wants to embed info from another Card within a different Card, and Card-to-Card linking is not sufficient for their purposes, another option is to embed a view of the Card itself.


  • You must be an Author or Collection Owner to copy a Card's embed code.

To embed a Guru Card within a Guru Card

1. Navigate to the Card you’d like to embed, either from the Guru extension or in the Guru web app.

2. Click the Share button in the top right corner of the Card.

3. Select Copy embed code. The code will be copied directly to your clipboard.

4. Edit the Card you want to embed into.

5. Select the iframe icon within the top toolbar to insert an iframe block into the Card.

6. Paste the embed code from Step 3 into the iframe.

7. Ensure that the same Groups can view both Cards (in Team Settings). Otherwise, the embedded Card may show up with an error for those teammates without the proper permission.

8. Ta-da! You now have a Card-within-a-Card (#cardception) 😎

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