Currently, Zoom does not support embedding cloud recordings using the URL of the recording. However, if you can download the Zoom recording and upload it to another video file host (such as Google Drive, YouTube, VidYard, etc.) you can follow the steps to embed a assets from Google Drive, embed a video from YouTube, or embed a video from Vidyard to embed the video into the Guru Card.

If the video file size is under 5GB, an alternative is to upload the video file directly to the Guru Card and use the file link to embed the video using a markdown block.

  1. Upload the video file into a Guru Card using the file upload tool.

  2. Right-click on the uploaded file and select "Copy Link Address".

  3. Insert a markdown block in the Card.

  4. Paste the link address you copied in step 2 into the markdown block and add the HTML code (below) around the video hyperlink.

<video controls src="LINK ADDRESS HERE"></video>

NOTE: This HTML code will prevent the video from autoplaying.

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