Light users currently integrates with Okta SCIM. We are investigating how we can integrate Light users with other SCIM 2.0 providers (such as OneLogin and Azure) in the future. You must already have SCIM enabled before following the steps below to add Light users through Okta (SCIM) push groups.

Adding Light Users through Okta

1. Create a new Group in Okta for Light users by selecting "Groups" under your Okta Directory and then select the ‘Add Groups’ button. Fill in your group name and description in the modal and then click “Add Group” to save. This is the group that you’ll add any member of your team who you want to be a Light user in Guru.

2. Assign the new Light user group to the Guru App and add Light users. To do this, open up the new Light user group you just created, select “Manage Apps”, and assign this new Light user group to your Guru app. Then, select “Manage People” and add the team members you want to be Guru Light User(s) under “Members”:

3. Connect the new Light user group to Guru using push groups by going to the Guru App in Okta and opening the “Push Groups” tab. Next, select the “Push Groups” button and select “Find Groups by Name”. Enter the name of the new Light Group you created earlier, select it, and then link this group to the group “GURU:Light User Group”. You can do this by selecting “Link group” under “match result and push action”.

GURU:Light User Group should be an option in the dropdown automatically, but if you don't immediately see it try Refreshing App Groups on the main Push Groups page. Once complete, all users in the push group should immediately show as Light users in Guru. If you want to add additional Light users to Guru after originally linking the group, simply add them into the SCIM push group that is already linked.

Upgrading a user from Light to Core through Okta:

  1. Add the Light user you want to upgrade to any other Guru provisioned group in Okta outside of the linked Light user group.

  2. Remove the user from the Light user push group in Okta.

  3. This user will then auto convert from a Light user to a Core user and you will see that change reflected in the Guru app and in billing.

Downgrading a user from Core to Light through Okta:

Simply add the user to the Light user push group in Okta. Doing so will convert the Core user to a Light user and automatically change their permissioning in Guru removing them from all groups except the "All Members" group as a read-only user.

Deleting a Light user through Okta:

Remove the user from the Light user Okta push group and make sure they aren’t attached to any other group or individual assignment. It's important to note, unlinking or deleting the Light user push group entirely won't remove the Light users from Guru. Make sure to delete the users from within that group first and then delete the group.

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