Frequently Asked Questions about Workato

How do permissions work with Guru and Workato?

The Workato app is built based on the four user roles within a Guru team. Below is a summary of what roles have access to what Triggers & Actions. You can read more about Guru roles and their permissions here.

Role Title:

Role Purpose:

Read Only

Read Only users leverage Guru to do their job, but they don't create content. Read Only users will be able to build Triggers off Card Created, Card Commented, Card Updated, Card Verified, & Card Archived on Collections they have access to. These users will be very limited in the Guru Actions they can build.


Authors are the people on your team who create and manage content for the team to use. Authors will be able to build all the Triggers Read Only users can built, plus Card Copied, Card Unverified, Card Link Copied, Card Viewed, Card Favorites, Card Unfavorited, Collection Trust Score crosses a Threshold, Team reaches Milestone on Collections that have access to. These users will be able to perform the same actions they can on the webapp.

Collection Owner

Collection Owners have the ability to create, edit, and verify content. They can also restrict users from seeing specific content within a Collection via Board Group Permissions & Board Permissions. Collection Owners will have the same permissions of Triggers & Actions as an Author would.


Admins are your team leads who manage your content, all users and their permissions, the structure of your Guru team, and all billing information. Admins will be able to build Actions around user management, such as Invite User, Invite User to group, Remove User, and Remove User from Group.

How do you get Card data using the Get Card Details action?

When building a card-based Trigger event, if you want to get more additional card data on they trigger (i.e. you want Verifier information, Collection information, Card Content, etc.), you will need to set up the next Action to be Get Card Details Action.

Getting Card data in Workato

How do you get user data with the GET USER DETAILS action?

When building a user-based Trigger event or when you want to get user information about such as first name, email, or role permission, you will need to set up the next Action to be Get User Details Action.‚Äč

Get user data Workato

How do you get Collection or Board data with the Get Collection Details or Get Board Details Action?

When building a recipe using the "New Collection" or "New Board" Trigger, you will need to set up the next Action to be Get Collection Details Action or the Get Board Details Action.

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