What kind of workflows can I use in Zapier?

Check out Guru's Zapier Template Index for recommended workflows you can use.

Some of the tools you can use with Zapier include (but are not limited to!):

  • Google Docs

  • Github

  • Slack

  • Asana

  • Jira

  • Monday.com

What kinds of triggers and actions can I use with Guru and Zapier?

Currently, the following triggers are available:


An event in Guru that will start your workflow.
“When this happens…”


An action pulls the data from your other app(s) to complete a step in Guru.

“...Do this”

Card Unverified

Create Card

Card Archived

Create Group

Card Comment created

Add tag to Card

Card Copied

Archive Card

Card Created

Restore Card

Card Favorited

Verify Card

Card Link Copied

Unverify Card

Card Unfavorited

Add User to Group

Card Updated

Remove User from Group

Card Verified

Invite User

Card Viewed

Remove User

User Added to Group

Search: Find Archived Card

Collection Trust Score Crosses Threshold

Search: Find or Create Card

New Collection Added

Search: Find tag

New Tag Added

Create PDF From a Guru Card ID

New Group Added

New Board Added

Announcement Sent

Team Card count reaches a milestone

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