Who should be a Light user and who should be a Core user?

That depends on your Guru use case and the people involved in executing on it.

  • Core user: A team member who needs designated access to team-specific knowledge based on groups.

  • Light user: A team member who needs general access to company-wide knowledge suitable for sharing with All Members.

How many Light users are on your team?

Interested in seeing how many Light users you have on your team? On the Billing page, Admins can access their current order and invoice information as well as check out the total number of Light users active on their team.

  • Light users are free, and will not be included in the Total paid seat count

  • Light users do not contribute towards the total Core, Pending, Available

  • If you are on our Starter edition, your Light users will not contribute towards your 3 free Core users

✍️ Note

Any Light user who finds themselves needing more functionality in Guru can be upgraded to a Core user by an Admin.

Adding a Light User to your team

  1. Click on the "Invite Teammates" button underneath your avatar on the Dashboard, from the settings dropdown, OR on your Team Settings page on the Users & Collections tab on the left sidebar.

  2. Add the email(s) of the person(s) you want to add to your team. You can add multiple people at once by separating the email addresses with commas.

  3. Select the Light user option. Note:

    1. The Core user option will automatically be disabled unless you are a team admin

    2. The user will automatically be placed in the All Members group with all other group selection disabled

    3. The Collections they have access to are determined by access given to All Members and their role will always be Read-Only.

  4. Under the Message section, you can customize the message that your new user receives when you invite them to your team. You can turn the initial welcome email on or off from the Email Preferences tab in Team Settings.

  5. Click Send.

  6. Read more about how your users should join your Guru team here.

✍️ Note

Anyone on your team can invite a Light User, however, only Admins can invite Core Users. For Admins: Learn how to invite a Core user to your Guru team here.

Group Permissions

It's important when thinking about the organization and permissions of your content in Guru to note that Light users are restricted to the All Members group as Read-Only. What does this mean? Light users cannot:

  • Be added to any other groups outside of all members while they are free Light users

  • Be added as an Admin or Collection Owner of a Guru team

  • Be made the owner or Verifier of a Card or given Author permissions

✍️ Note

Even if the All Members Group is assigned an Author or Collection Owner role, any Light User on your team will not inherit those additional permissions and will only exist as Read-Only capacity for that Collection.

Please make sure that the All Members Group has access to Collections that you want all team members to see (Core and Light users).

Can I restrict who can be invited as a Light user to my organization?

Yes. Admins are able to choose who they want non-Admins users to be able to invite to Guru as a free Light user on their team. By default, both Admin and non-Admin users are able to invite any team-member as a Light user from any domain, but Admins can adjust this setting so non-admins are limited to inviting specific team email domains.

✍️ Note

Admins will always be able to invite users with any email domain.

To make these changes, navigate to “Team Settings” > “Invite Preferences”:

invite preferences

To allow anyone on your team to invite another team member from any domain as a Light users leave the first selection “Anyone” selected.

To restrict invites sent by your team to specific team domains only select the second option “Users with specific email domains”. You are able to add multiple domains and can remove domains at any time.

To add a domain

To add a domain, simply click on “Add or remove domains” > “Add Company Domains” and add the domain you would like. Once you have added domains, non-Admins will only be able to invite users with the specified domains moving forward. Note: any user that was already invited will not be impacted.

add email domain

To remove a domain

To remove a domain from your approved list, simply click on the remove button to the right of the domain name to remove. You can re-add domains at any time.

remove email domain

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