A Light user is a new free, limited functionality role in Guru. Light users are limited to the All Members group and have Read-Only capacity. Light members can be invited to Guru by anyone on your team and there is no limit to how many Light users you can add.

Light users vs. Core users

All other (non-Light) users in Guru are Core users. Core users come with a price per seat that varies by plan and enjoy the full suite of features that Guru offers.


Core Users

Light Users

Consume unlimited content in Guru

Comment on Cards, Favorite Cards, Ask an Expert

Access knowledge in the web application, browser extension, and through integrations

Belong to groups in Guru

❌ (Light users are part of the All Members group only in a Read-Only capacity)

Receive Knowledge Alerts

(Only Knowledge Alerts sent to the All Members group)

Be an Admin, Author, Collection Owner, or Verifier of knowledge in Guru

Access to Analytics and Card Manager

✍️ Note

Not all of the functionality listed above is available in every Guru plan. Check out our pricing page for specific details!


The most important distinction to note is that Light users can only belong to the All Members group. Knowledge is permissioned in Guru by Group, meaning that you have to share knowledge with all members in Guru in order for Light users to see it.

Accordingly, you cannot tailor knowledge to Light users based on their department or role; all Light users have identical experiences in Guru because they don’t belong to any groups outside the default All Members group that every user belongs to. On the flip side, Core users can belong to different groups and you can permission their knowledge access so that individual users can see content specific to their jobs. It's important to make sure that the right users are set up with the right knowledge to provide maximum value.

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