Adding Light users through SSO

SSO (Single sign-on), is an authentication method that allows a user to log into one application and access all of their software systems. Once you've configured and enabled SSO, Guru users can only log in through the Identity Provider. Admins can always log in to Guru via username and password as a failsafe.

When a team sets up SSO inside Guru, they have to choose a Provision Type. Light users will be available for both SSO provision types. These options work with Guru Light users in the following ways:

1. "Automatically add users": Guru will add the user to the team the first time they log in via SSO and no Guru specific invite is required. There are 2 ways teams can make sure users are Light through this provision type:

Option 1: The Admin can go into Team Settings in Guru and set the default SSO user type to "Light user". This will mean that when a user joins the team through SSO that they will automatically be assigned Light user type.

✍️ Note

This setting will be Core by default.

Option 2: The team member can be sent an invitation to join Guru as a Light user using the "invite teammates" modal before they log in for the first time.

2. "Require users to be invited": You must explicitly invite users to your Guru Team (these users must additionally have access to your IdP). The new "invite teammates" button will be visible for all users in Guru just as it is in non-SSO enabled teams. Using this invite method, teams can invite other members as Light users and if they also have access through the SSO they will be able to join.

Adding Light users through Domain Discovery

Guru Admins can set a default user type for team members joining through Domain Discovery. The default user type will be set to Core and Admins can change this selection to Light. Defaulting the Domain Discovery user type to Light means that all users on that team joining Guru through Domain Discovery will automatically be free, Light users. Guru Admins can then go into Team Settings to convert a user to Core if they want additional permissions/access for those users.

Learn more about Setting up Domain Discovery.

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