When rolling out Guru to your team, it is essential for your team to have designated Guru Admins (2-5 depending on your team size) to ensure the success of Guru moving forward. It's best to have representation from multiple teams that will be using Guru.

We've worked with Admins across various roles/functions within a company, such as:

  • Knowledge Management

  • Product Marketing

  • Support Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Enablement

Guru Admin core responsibilities

Choose one team member or a group of team members who will be able to:

  1. Understand the infrastructure of your team's current knowledge base

  2. Oversee the addition of new articles and/or updating knowledge articles

  3. Manage the overall structure and organization of the knowledge

  4. Mobilize the team to create, update and verify Guru Cards over time

  5. Manage Guru account relationship

    1. Add/remove users

    2. Serve as point of contact for Guru CSM

    3. Serve as point of contact for billing

    4. Communicate Guru updates around new features and bugs

  6. Track & Monitor Team, User Activity & Usage in Guru Analytics

Key considerations when choosing an Admin

  • Will they be able to meet monthly (or more regularly) with the Guru team?

  • Are they able to communicate regularly to the broader team at your company using Guru?

  • Could this be a good career opportunity for them?

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