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What's the difference between a user and Collection token?

User token: the results of your requests will be based on the level of authorization associated with the user whose token you're using.

  • User tokens have read and write permissions. The user token is an extension of the permissions within your web app. The only endpoint that's different than the web app permissions is the Analytics API. In the web app, the Knowledge tab within the Analytics section can be viewed by users who have Author access to that content. For our API Analytics, because there is the event activity to all users, you must be an Admin to get access to that endpoint.

Collection token: results of GET requests will only return results from the Collection associated with your token.

  • Collection tokens only have read permissions as they're specific to a single Collection within your Guru instance.

How do I authenticate with a user token?

Your Username is your Guru username and your Password is the issued API token. You should not use your web app password as the authentication "password". Feel free to test your authentication on our Developer Site.

How do I authenticate with a Collection token?

Your Username is the Collection ID and your Password is the Collection token. Obtaining the Collection ID can be done by using a User token to get all Collections on your team.

How does the Guru Admin role impact API usage?

You must be an Admin to manage API credentials and generate user tokens.

How do I find all Collection IDs?

Use this API call.

I am getting a 401 error. What does this mean?

A 401 error indicates that you have not been authenticated to perform that call. Check your credentials are correct (refresh and create a new token if needed). Additionally, you should ensure that you are properly permissioned to perform the request you are trying to make.

Why do I not see more than 50 results when making an API Call?

You'll need to page your results following these instructions in order to see more than 50 results.

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