Zendesk offers a collection of keyboard shortcuts to navigate through Zendesk Support from the agent's view. The 'spacebar' shortcut selects a ticket from the list, which is why you are observing this behavior. Even if the Guru extension is not installed, typing a spacebar will select a ticket.
From Guru's side, these keyboard shortcuts in Zendesk 'override' our extension. This behavior is something we've noticed in a few other web apps that also have keyboard shortcuts, such as Trello.

What can I do about this limitation?

If your team is using the Guru Extension over the Zendesk View frequently, they can disable keyboard shortcuts in Zendesk following these instructions. This will allow them to successfully type a 'space' when searching in the Guru extension. Please note that this disables *all* Zendesk keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, Zendesk doesn't provide the option to just disable the spacebar shortcut.

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