Ready to start saving time looking for information, but don't know where to begin? Use this three step process to audit your information, identify the best organizational structure, and start leveraging content when you need it most.

  1. Write down where your knowledge currently lives. Jot down what type of knowledge you currently have, where it currently lives, and who needs it most on your team. Make a copy of our content mapping exercise template to make this easy and simple

  2. Create your content in Guru. Create one Collection, Board, and Card in Guru to map to your structure that you created

  3. Find your knowledge where you need it most. Install the Guru Extension and practice searching for the Card you just created


Download one of our pre-populated Collection Frameworks to get a head start on creating your content.

For further details and a video walkthrough, check out this 5 minute video one of our Product Specialists recorded with 3 easy tips on how to structure your initial information Guru.

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