Box has an embed function that can be used to generate iframe previews of Box folders and individual files within Guru Cards.


Before embedding any Box-hosted file in Guru, be sure to adjust the sharing settings in the file’s Box sharing settings to appropriately align with the users you expect to preview this file in Guru.

In order for a user to see a preview of Box file in Guru, the user must be signed into their corresponding Box account in their browser.

Embedding a Folder or File preview

1. In Box, select the folder or file you’d like to embed as a preview in a Guru Card.

2. Select the three dots ("⋯") to the right of the file or folder to open up the More Options menu. From here, select More Actions and then Embed Widget.

3. This will open up a dialogue box where you can specify the size and view settings you prefer for the preview. We recommend a size of Medium (500 x 400).

4. Copy the Embed Code from Box. Optional: Click Preview to review how the document will display in your Guru Card.

5. Navigate to your Guru Card and paste the copied embed code. This will automatically generate an iframe block for the file embed. The block's size can be adjusted using the slider bar located at the bottom of the frame.

Alternatively, you could insert a Markdown block and paste your copied embed code. Click Preview to preview the file embed before publishing.

6. Voila! Your Box-hosted file is now visible. Note: Box may require you to log in with your Box credentials in order to view the file.

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