With a little extra effort, you can embed files from Dropbox into Guru Cards. At this time, you cannot embed Dropbox Paper documents into Guru, but you can link them through their URLs.

How to embed a file from Dropbox into Guru

  1. Open your file in Dropbox

  2. On the upper-right hand corner, select the Share button. Your file must be shared with the appropriate users in Dropbox in order for users to see the file in Guru.

  3. Select the Create then copy Link text to copy the sharing link onto your clipboard

4. Navigate to your Guru Card and select the iFrame icon, or start typing "/iframe". Paste your copied URL from Dropbox into the Guru iFrame URL bar.

5. At the end of the Dropbox URL, replace the URL where it says dl=0 with raw=1 and select Save.

Replace dl=0 with raw=1 in the pasted link

6. Now, you'll see a preview of the file in your Guru Card. You can resize this iFrame in Guru by selecting the gray bar on the right-hand side of the iFrame.

✍️ Note
Dropbox does not allow iframing of Dropbox Paper. If a user would like to add a Dropbox Paper file to a Guru Card, the best option is to simply link the URL in a Guru Card or download the Paper file as a .docx and attach it to a Guru Card.

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