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At this time, Dropbox does not permit embedding documents directly from Dropbox into Guru. You can link or upload the documents from another source (ie. Google Drive) to satisfy the same goal.

Link Dropbox Files

1. Open your file in Dropbox.

2. On the upper-right-hand corner, select the Share button. Your file must be shared with the appropriate users in Dropbox in order for users to see the file in Guru.

3. Select the Create then copy Link text to copy the sharing link onto your clipboard.

4. Paste that link into your Guru Card.

Embed Dropbox Files from Google Drive

1. In Dropbox, select the file you want to embed then click Open in Google Drive.

2. This will move that file directly into Google Drive where you can embed from.

3. Use these instructions: How to Embed Google Assets into Guru Cards to finish embedding that file.

Embed Dropbox Files as PDFs

✍️ Note
You can use this pathway if you are not able to use Google Drive and file type does not matter for you.

1. In Dropbox, select the file you want to embed then click Save as a PDF.

2. Upload the PDF to your Guru Card using the file upload icon in Guru.

3. Once the PDF is uploaded, right-click on the link and select "Copy Link Address".

4. Add a new iFrame to the Card (you can type the shortcut /iframe) and paste the URL into the iFrame field.

5. Click the checkmark to finish the iFrame.

6. Lengthen the iFrame window as needed.

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