The entire product development process is the foundation for all of the documentation that precedes and follows their release. Turn your team into product experts by using Guru for product enablement.

Understanding the challenges of Product Enablement

Product enablement includes the end-to-end product development and delivery process, from initial planning through ongoing support.

What are the challenges related to product enablement? Teams struggling with product enablement specifically deal with the following:

  • Collaborating successfully to release new products

  • Empowering team members to communicate product launches confidently

  • Ensuring team members have a go-to resource for ongoing product updates

How do teams use Guru to solve these challenges? Teams use Guru for planning and development, release prep, release, and beyond to keep everyone aligned and empowered throughout the entire product development and delivery process.

Guru's Approach

When launching a new feature, we have clearly documented processes and templates that teams at Guru use to work effectively together cross-functionally.

  1. Planning and development. In this phase, we use Guru to keep everyone aligned with rapidly evolving details across multiple departments. Research, requirements, project specs, and project tracking are all documented in Guru and leveraged by the product, design, and engineering teams

  2. Release prep. During this phase, our priority is to ensure all teams feel confident about the upcoming feature release in their respective roles. We thoroughly test and prepare for release while empowering customer-facing teams to become experts on the feature

  3. Enablement & Ongoing Support. We use Guru to provide customer-facing teams with real-time feature knowledge that supports them directly in their workflow. This includes instant access to updated product details, go-to Cards that act as an ongoing resource for FAQs, and as well as additional customer talking points

Customer Approach

RS21’s Engineering Collection in Guru includes a Board dedicated to processing guidelines, including Cards with instructions for merging code, creating a bash script, requesting a code review, and more.

Aside from these engineering-specific Cards, RS21’s team conducts asynchronous discussions using Guru to give team members more time to respond thoughtfully and to give everyone an even and fair platform to contribute.

Get started with these Card Templates

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