Guru will send a weekly verification digest email to users who meet the below criteria and manage their notifications through email. The purpose of this email is to provide a broad view of what Cards need your attention as the Verifier most. This information is also always available under the My Tasks > Verification menu.

Criteria for the weekly verification digest email

Currently, we only send the weekly digest email to users who meet both of the following criteria:

  • Have 3 or more Cards in the verification queue

  • Are a verifier on 10 or more Cards

In addition, you must have one of the following criteria for one of your highest priority Cards to receive the email:

  • Most Popular Card - Popularity Score of 5 or more

  • Longest Overdue - Must be 3 or more days unverified

  • High Alert - Popularity Score of 1 or more

  • Exclusively Yours - User must be the only Verifier on the Card

You can see these highest priority Cards by navigating to My Tasks -> Verification in the Guru web app. The verification email will only be sent out to you once a week, as the table only updates once a week.

✍️ Note

If you have opted into Slack or Teams notifications, you will not receive this email.

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